Zeal HD2

kr. 3899,-

The Zeal HD2 Goggles are basically magic. Instead of just delivering ZEAL's superior optical clarity and giving you a face shield, the HD2 has a HD video camera in the top of the frame so you can re-live and share just how pitted you got. Because we all like to brag, ZEAL has made it infinitely easier to actually show the crew just how epic it was; wireless connection makes sharing footage and shots super simple. The HD2 is also much more user friendly than any POV camera. Intuitive button controls and mini-LCD viewfinder mean you'll never be asking if your camera is on or rolling, so you can be sure to catch all your drops, gaps, pow slashes, and white-room forays. With this technology maybe you'll finally see how deep the white room goes...



Impact Resistant Frame – Built to last, ZEAL goggles are crafted out of the highest quality elements available, giving you a frame with increased protection and fit for a better experience. You get what you put in and ZEAL only uses the best.


Anti-Fog Infusion – ZEAL's Anti-Fog Infusion is a full process, not a spray. Each lens is micro-perforated to allow ZEAL's Anti-Fog molecules to saturate the material. A heat treatment seals and solidifies the molecules, dispersing them evenly throughout. The result is a lens that is highly resistant to fogging and cannot be wiped off like conventional spray applications.

Dual Lens Construction – ZEAL lenses are constructed to manage temperatures. Each lens is built with two layers, much like a double-paned window with a gasket in between. This creates a sealed temperature barrier to prevent condensation from forming.

Optimum™ Lens – Optimum™ Rose lenses are versatile, keeping you protected on bright light, sun blazing days and offering great contrast when the sun disappears. The Metal mirror helps reduce glare off the snow and keeps your eyes comfortable.

Injection Molded Spherical Lens – Spherical is all about the shape, wrapping and increasing peripheral vision. Injection molding allows for crisp, clear vision in any condition. All Optimum lenses reduce distortion, allowing you to see better.

Molecular Mirror Processing – Each ZEAL Optics mirrored lens goes through a chemical reaction in a vacuum chamber. The definition you see in each lens is determined through the ionization of molecular particles and the temperature at which they adhere to the Optimum lens.

100% UV protection


Venting system engineered to battle the elements through strategic placement to increase airflow through the goggle


Dual Strap System – Comfort and adjustability are key components to fit. ZEAL's Dual Strap system allows you to find the perfect placement for your ideal goggle position.

No Slip Grip – Double beading layer of silicon coats each and every ZEAL goggle strap to ensure that whether over a beanie or helmet, your goggle will stay exactly where you place it.

Solid Stitch – Each element of the ZEAL strap is stitched with heavy duty threading, ensuring that you will always have a tough, durable goggle that can take whatever Mother Nature throws at you.

Helmet compatible


ZEAL Polarized Collection – Only optically true premium Japanese polarized film is used in the construction of Polarized Zeal Goggles, ensuring every lens has 99% polarized protection and incredible optics. ZEAL premium lenses increase clarity, comfort, and concentration like no other lens can. See more of the mountain.

Integrated HD Video Camera – Up to 1080p resolution, still photos up to 12MP with single shot, sequence, or time lapse modes. 170˚ wide-angle F2.8 lens.

Up to 3 hr record time in cold temperatures / 2.5 hr with WiFi mode enabled

MINI color LCD, 320 x 240 RGB display

In - goggle viewfinder

Frame mounted controls


This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, or birth defects, or other reproductive harm.